Step #2: Higher Quality & Lower Cost

Professional knowledge, in-depth preparation and exclusive access to valuable and independent consultancy are the key to success. The entire team of Phoenix Jet Interior is there to protect you while we navigate you through the jungle of aviation regulations, complex specifications and important contractual documentation with the service centers. With us at your side, you have strong professional experts who will act in your best interests. 

We will compare the quotations and select the right service center. During this process, we offer individual on-site meeting support at any location of your choice - worldwide. We will support you from the initial negotiations all the way through to the final contract agreement. We help you achieve the best agreement, increase the project performance and quality - and lower the total cost of the project - every time.


Quotation Process

Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Our quotation support services are designed to help you deal with difficult or new situations. With our knowledge of the quotation procedures at service centers, we help you to achieve the best possible deal for your modification package.

We know how to combine maintenance and interior reconfigurations. We help you define the scope of work and we manage the relevant specifications for you at the same time. We then compare the service center quotes with alternatives and help you find the best agreement to match your personal requirements.

We share our knowledge and experience with you for as long as you need it. When we manage projects, we do them right from the start. Because of our expert knowledge of installation hours, equipment costs, lead times and project margins, we not only act as your insider and consulting expert but also as your controlling third party. Your commercial interests come first.

Getting Better Quotes

The advantage is on our side, as we know the standard price list, labor volumes, material costs and target margins of service centers. We cannot be misled on hidden costs, as we have strong connections to the supply chain, subcontractors and vendors ourselves.

We choose the direct approach with service centers and make sure our negotiations are tough but fair. Our primary goal is the best commercial deal for you  - along with a reliable and solid project schedule. On time, on cost and on quality. We know that every project comes with problems - and we are there to solve them for you.

Quotation Support Services

Right Amount of Support 

Finding the right amount of support is essential for a successful acquisition phase. We help you compare the available services and support you in making the right decisions. The following options allow you to request support at all the relevant stages if you would like to compare potential options in the initial phase, or if you need professional advice to compare actual offers. We are there to help you with them all.

Selecting the right service center and comparing its cabin capabilities. We know the service centers and their differences. Based on our experience we benchmark and pre-select the best service center to perform your individual scope of work. We benchmark the cost and quality, but we also analyze their management skills. Not every service center can do the job they claim. Following our uniquely developed “5-Star” ranking system (based on time, cost, quality, schedule and reliability), we will pre-assess the most important factors. Recommendations may also be based on our experience on how reliable each service center’s management is in solving difficult situations, including general project management skills and allover communication abilities. Customer experience and feedback is valuable.
*****(Trusted Service Center)

Sharing our knowledge of the aviation authority regulations and organization approvals. We are experienced with airworthiness regulations and the engineering design restrictions under both major aviation authorities, namely the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). As part of the standard project management tasks, we supervise the flow between the Design Organization Approval (DOA), Production Organization Approval (POA) and the Maintenance Organization Approval (MOA). We watch the certification process very closely. Work instructions, engineering orders and flammability tests will be double-checked before we release any of the components for manufacture.

Comparing the shop quality and in-house interior capabilities of service centers. Not every service center can do the same job and not every job is done the same way. We highlight differences in the supply chain concept and review the outsourcing and subcontracting ratios at a service center. Some centers decide to only work with external partners, others run everything through in-house manufacturing. We take a look at the quality performance of a service center and arrange on-site inspections of the shops and manufacturing facilities. In line with our expectations regarding craftsmanship and product quality, we compare apples with apples and provide you with the essential advice.

Benchmarking the quotations and revealing hidden costs. Based on the structured scope of work specification, service centers provide us with their official quotation. We then examine the quotation and provide you with the executive summary. We include or exclude options, so that you are able to compare the different key figures containing the same amount of content. But cost is not the only thing to evaluate. A few service centers attract business with low costs in the beginning, and then add enormous amounts as the project develops. We prefer the total cost package approach. Our agreement templates call for a predictable and transparent pricing model. Additional Work Orders (AWO) or Additional Work Requests (AWR) will only be tolerated if the specification is intentionally changed by the customer.

Ensuring a reliable and realistic project schedule. We know that schedules change all of the time. We work with realistic dates and review the schedule on a regular basis from the very beginning. As part of the contract agreement, we incorporate late delivery penalties and a floating payment schedule in order to motivate service centers to keep to their promises on the redelivery date. We make sure you receive a solid schedule including all negotiated options. Nothing is more frustrating than changing schedules. With our experience we can predict improvements and isolate threats, working together with the service centers team to find corrective actions.

Comparing options and alternatives, eliminating second best options. Not every solution offered by service centers is the best solution for you as the customer. They might claim certain suppliers or solutions are not available or are impossible to certify. There might be contracts in place with third party companies promoting their solution when it comes to selecting certain options or equipment. We know how to combat such influenced selection and ensure independent consultancy. We are not compromised by any third party contract and we are only focused on our client’s interests along with the best possible solution.

Ensuring the competitive advantage during final negotiations.
Because of our in-depth knowledge of cost and our benchmarking figures from previous quotes, we are in a position to challenge quotes from services centers on the spot. We are able to compare material and labor costs with alternative quotes and question positions that appear unreasonably high. We believe that everyone deserves the best possible deal, along with the right balance of reasonable price vs. highest possible quality. Lets look into the details.

Finalizing the scope of work and signing the contract agreement. When all specifications are written and the scope of work is clearly expressed, then it is time for the contract signature. The agreement will cover the negotiated scope of work, the total cost of the project and the applicable schedule. There should also be a clause on late delivery penalties and the applicable payment schedule. During these final meetings we will once again present the scope of work and make sure that all negotiated elements are recognized accordingly. We use a contract template which covers all the important points and, with years of experience in negotiations with service centers, we ensure the best possible deal for you and create the basis for a successful project. Let’s get started.