Step #3: Faster, Transparent & On Site

We deliver professional project management from day one. During completion and refurbishment projects we make sure your project runs faster, is more cost efficient and is fully predictable at any time. We work with the most advanced online technology interfaces for real-time customer reporting, allowing us to direct decisions fast and efficiently. We run detailed project performance meetings on site and guarantee full transparency of cost and schedule at any time - 24/7.

With a very high level of project management skills and the ability to understand and to coordinate each of the professions involved, our experts master complex situations - on your behalf - ensuring the allover project success.


Project Management Skills

The Key to Success

The key to success of any project is the right planning. For example, a custom designed hand-tufted carpet will have a lead time of approximately 12 weeks from purchase order to delivery. For the interior design, matching of colors and acceptance of the correct sample, you may easily add another 4 weeks to the schedule. Consequently, the carpet needs to be ordered 16 weeks ahead of the installation slot.

Materials and Lead Times

Our project managers focus on controlling the material lead times and schedules, parallel to negotiating with the service centers and the subcontractors. This is the most effective way to monitor the project and avoid mistakes along the way.

Our monitoring system was developed especially for this purpose and includes an ingenious customer reporting tool.

Absolutely every problem is our problem, and nothing will ever escape from the watch list. 

Project Management Services

Successful Projects

In order to help you run your project faster and more cost efficiently, we offer exclusive services for each of the project phases on a modular basis. Please find below the individual modules, which in summary cover the entire project management phase from supervision of the initial schedule to final inspection and redelivery of the aircraft.

Acting as the customer representative on site at the facility. Projects run best when they are constantly supervised. We act as the customer representative on site and challenge the service center during their daily routines. With the customer’s power of attorney, we act on his behalf as the project director for any related matter. With a permanent office on site, we run the project performance meetings on a daily basis, never leaving the project alone or uncontrolled. Being the point of contact for the service center project management, we will be part of the managing team and the focal point for the customer at the same time.

Running regular meetings and reviewing the status reports. We run regular core team meeting and track every issue throughout the project. It is important to have a customer representative on site because, as part of the project team, all issues will be directed to the customer representative first. This will ensure that the customer is informed about everything at once and no time is wasted if decisions need to be made immediately.

Acting as the project director and being involved in the progress of the project. In case of any corrective actions or critical decisions, we can act on the spot. We are able to assess the situation and revert back to the principal’s office with our independent opinion and recommendation. This allows us to generate our own assessment of the situation and to operate independently from the service center. It provides a second, more reliable layer of information and prevents the service center from working independently without involving the customer.

Managing the standard tasks throughout the project. There are hundreds of little tasks during a modification for which customer signatures and approvals are constantly required. We take care of these standard tasks and provide a summary sheet with the project status report. As the on-site representative, we manage additional work orders and sign for the intermediate progress reports.

Looking into the details of any additional work requests. Service centers always come up with additional work orders during the project. They are either driven by unpredictable findings on the aircraft such as corrosion, or because the specification has an undefined area in which the scope of work is not clearly described. A service center will try to charge you for these additional items by means of a so-called Additional Work Order (AWO) or Additional Work Request (AWR). In any case, we will challenge any additional costs and their reasons, making sure such costs are only covered when requested by the principal.

Inspection of the interior products throughout the manufacturing process. We supervise the manufacturing process at the service center and their suppliers on a regular basis. We check for proper quality and compliance with the specification and material selection at every milestone until final delivery. This will ensure that we find quality issues ahead of the final delivery with enough time to rectify the issue without an allover schedule impact.

Monitoring and managing the final assembly at the facility. During the installation phase, we monitor the progress and check for proper protection of the new interior items. We also restrict access to the aircraft on special request. When the new furnishings reach the facility, we supervise the unboxing with one final quality check before installation. At this stage it is the last chance to identify discrepancies before the furnishings are installed in the cabin.

Delivering the final product to the customer. At redelivery of the aircraft, we check for the allover compliance with the specification and finalize the project status reports. The aircraft will only be released when all documentation is complete and when the entire interior has been inspected and signed off.