Step #1: Built as Designed

The interior design is a very essential part of the character of an aircraft. We help you personalize it to perfection. Depending on the aircraft mission e.g. in charter or privately operated, the aircraft will have a different layout and set of materials. We, at Phoenix Jet Interior, are excellent at selecting the right materials and matching the level of quality vs. durability. We source our precious materials at approved vendors all over the world. We are also capable of certifying your very own hand-crafted or unique fabric of your choice. Committed to 100% completion of your vision, we are in no way limited to any standards and will not stop creating solutions until we deliver the perfect product.

While providing the perfect guidelines and personal assistance throughout the interior design process, we know how to add the extra personal touch, consulting you from day one and pointing out your options at every stage. The final design will be fresh and unique - just the way you want it.


The Magic of Materials


Another Example


The Magic of Materials


Another Example


The Magic of Materials


Modern Design


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Levels of Customization: Refurbishment

Services Exceeding Expectations

Services not only include the exchange of carpets, new leathers and fabrics. There is much more you can do to your aircraft cabin to give it a new stylish look and to have your cabin management system upgraded and equipped with the latest In Flight Entertainment (IFE) technology. We are able to offer to you a selection of the most advanced interior design options based on the latest disruptive technology. As we are independently connected to the global network of innovative suppliers, we are in a position to simply select from the best. We support innovative portable iPad solutions, fast internet and any combination of advanced media, from starlight ceilings to digital surround sound systems. We make the aircraft fit your personal needs, making it your new favorite place to be.

We distinguish between two general types of cabin modifications:
Refurbishments and Completions.


Restoring or restyling the cabin appearance.  Re-using the existing cabin interior furnishing structures to apply new leathers, fabrics, carpets and special surface materials. Selecting new wood veneers, stones, corians. Adding or updating latest technology such as larger monitors, upgrading to LED full spectrum color lighting and integrating modern entertainment systems. Installation of high speed internet and WiFi applications along with Cabin Management System (CMS) upgrades. Refurbishments also significantly increase the residual value of an aircraft.


The Magic of Materials


Levels of Customization: Completions


Uniquely designed cabins. Pre-owned aircraft rebuilt as new, or a brand new "green" aircraft built from scratch - A full completion will allow you to design your new floor plan to match your seating requirements, add galley space or enlarge entire lavatory units and integrate latest entertainment systems. As long as it is certifiable - you will get it. The aircraft cabin will be entirely designed with the full freedom of innovative design solutions - the way you want it.

Interior Design Process

Process Matched to Your Personal Needs

The Interior Design Process is an individual process. Our design experts will consult you on every necessary step and will remain at your disposal for any further project related design questions. Before we begin with the creative process, a conceptual floor plan design marks the starting point.

Conceptual Floor Plan Design


Interior Design Services

Step by Step

The following service menu will provide you with the entire support package, from the initial cabin inspection all the way to the final contractual documentation. From day one onwards, we will guide you through all the subsequent milestones and relevant decisions - step by step.

Travelling to the location of the aircraft and performing a professional exterior and interior survey. The report will include both pictures and comments, highlighting all the relevant items with the appropriate description of the identified discrepancies. Based on this individual report, we will be able to develop the recommended scope of work for you. Using this report as a reference, you will also be in a position to start structured negotiations with a potential service center, describe your cabin interior issues and request further evaluations from them. A regular inspection survey will also help you to capture the condition of your aircraft over time. Such reports are very useful in order to track damages or modifications from the past. Why not take advantage of it?

Taking a set of professional photographs of your cabin interior. The professional photo documentation is used to generate high quality interior photographs of your aircraft. In contrast to the cabin interior survey, these professional images of the cabin interior will concentrate on the entrance area, forward and aft cabin sections. The images are taken from the normal viewer’s angle – as if you were standing in the aircraft yourself. The most important image is the central cabin view. With the right light settings and professional equipment, we capture the interior design elements of your aircraft. These “real” images are then the basis for later Photoshop manipulations and design directions. It will allow you to virtually change the interior design appearance and play with the refurbishment options.
A must have!

Creating the scope of work specification. The scope of work specification is a universal document built by standardized aviation recognized chapters. We use this format because service centers and OEMs are used to working with it. The documentation will describe every item which is subject to modification including the form, function, design and material. We make sure that all characteristics are properly specified. A professional specification will remove any potential for error or misunderstanding. The specification will be the reference document for the subsequent quotation and agreement. The more detailed a specification is written, the better everyone knows what to expect. In combination with the interior photographs and survey reports, we will ensure the outcome is as expected and built as designed. The fundamentals of success.

Creating the first set of interior design directions. Based on professional cabin interior photographs, we will create the initial design directions. As we are able to manipulate the images with Photoshop, we are able to create alternative designs of the current aircraft interior, allowing you to preview how the new carpet or new materials will blend in with the rest of the cabin. This technique helps us capture the general direction of the future interior design. We can preview new colors and materials, but also show structural modifications, such as larger monitors or sidewall and bulkhead options. At this stage it is all about playing with the different directions until we find a starting point and solution for further and more detailed investigation. A designer will consult you on every option.

Creation of cabin interior Photoshop illustrations. We are able to illustrate the entire new design, comparing it to the existing aircraft interior. These concepts will help you to make the final decisions on surface materials and general color arrangement. Concept interior design images are also used to underline the scope of work specification in order to clearly illustrate the desired solution for the service centers and manufacturers. As images say more than a thousand words, they help capture the level of quality we expect during manufacturing. This is particularly important when modifying seats or the shape of any given object.
Clear demands produce clear results.

Pre-selection of materials and special surface applications. Options on materials are literally endless. As we already selected the right color and geometric requirements with the concept design direction, we will now focus on the haptic and final materials to be used. We basically agree on leather or fabrics for the seats and divans, for example, select carpet and stones applications for the floor, leathers for the dado panels, ultra leather for the sidewall linings and fabrics or special surface materials for the bulkheads. Those materials will then be presented in their combination with each other, which will allow us to further limit the favorite materials for close consideration. The final set of options will help make the last major decisions on the interior design appearance. The choice is yours.

Manufacturing of the final design material boards. Material boards are created to show the selected material options in combination with each other, assembled on one board. They mark the final step in the interior design selection process and are used to sign off the material. All samples will be signed individually as a reference for later comparison during production. Together with the interior illustrations and the scope of work specification, the materials finalize the interior design package. The customer will keep one set for his reference and the service center will use the second set for their internal reference. This procedure avoids any mistakes during the final acceptance phase after manufacturing, in case there are any questions on the materials used. Your insurance at your fingertips.

Computer Aided Design images in 3D and ultra-high quality. 3D renderings are not essential to the success of a project, but they a great tool to show the future interior design to the principle group in case they are not involved in the detailed design selection process. We recommend renderings for full completion and large refurbishment projects. In order to generate 3D renderings, all the cabin elements are built-up digitally to show the real material reference, including proper cabin illumination in a 1:1 cabin arrangement. The only downside with renderings is that, although the images are high quality, they are still virtual. The final product will be very similar, but not identical. Renderings are therefore not a contractual part of the agreement with service centers, but are considered very helpful as an illustration.
Make your vision come to life.

A virtual 3D video walk through the future cabin. Based on the 3D data created during the rendering process, a virtual walk-through movie will be created to take you through the cabin interior. It is also possible to define a few viewpoints from which you can turn around and view the cabin as if you were there in person. 3D walks are a very powerful sales tool and the best way of imagining the future product. They run on iPhone, iPad and any other portable devices. They can be easily linked to websites, used as aircraft promotion for charter operation and enhance sales negotiations at a later date. Our designer will help you choose the right option for your needs. Get the full virtual experience.